Real Estate March 8, 2024

Colors To Avoid When Selling Your Hom


Beware what colors you use when preparing to sell your home. Red is one of the most off-putting color, according to a survey of home staging and design professionals conducted by the home remodeling site   “Red is an extremely strong color and may not be to everybody’s taste,” the study notes.

Fixr reports one of the most off-putting colors to home buyers are: red, 53 percent; lime green, 53; bright yellow, 40; mustard yellow, 19, pink, 10; and turquoise, 9.  Instead of splashing interiors in bright hues, stagers and designers say they prefer using color strategically to warm up a space and make it appear more spacious.

Some 61 percent of experts advise using warm neutrals such as beiges and whites to help small spaces appear larger. “Warm neutrals can reflect light and visually recede,” the report notes. “And their calmness can make a space feel less overwhelming.  White was the favorite in making spaces seem more spacious and appear to have higher and wider ceilings.